David Crowhurst, Bookkeeper

David Crowhurst

An Accountant for the Price of a Bookkeeper

With over 25 years of bookkeeping, accounting and tax experience, working with small businesses, David Crowhurst literally knows business accounting inside out. A math major in college, he learned about retail business management by working as an employee for a large chain and later as a top-earning insurance agent before realizing that he was really an entrepreneur at heart. As a business owner himself, he understands the challenges and the opportunities of running a small business.

With his help throughout the year and at tax time, you can be prepared with balanced books and the reports you need for your tax preparer. And he's a QuickBooks and Peachtree expert!

Sonoma County Construction Industry Specialist


David has done bookkeeping for local Sonoma County electrical, plumbing, construction, and many other service and retail businesses. He helps people find ways to make their businesses more profitable and frequently advises construction businesses about job costing, so they can bid successfully on jobs and make more money.

Efficiency Expert


David works either out of his own office or at your location. For a new business, he sets up a clean, practical bookkeeping system using QuickBooks or Peachtree software. For an established business, he looks at all angles of the bookkeeping process to clean up and streamline procedures to save time and money. In either case, he can handle all bookkeeping tasks himself, often at a cost savings, or teach in-house bookkeepers how to keep the books in order.

Excellent Communicator and Trainer

A Numbers Wizard Who Can Teach

Whether talking to a business owner about bookkeeping issues or teaching an in-house employee how to do bookkeeping tasks, David is a friendly, clear communicator who explains things in understandable terms. He really enjoys helping people set up or fix their bookkeeping systems and answering their questions.